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Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) Directory

This directory is a national, publicly accessible directory of qualified health care professionals and local and national peer groups to improve access to support, clinicians and other health professionals with specific Congenital and Childhood Heart Disease (CHD) skills. 

The information in the CHD Directory has been collated through desktop research and individual submissions from the health care professionals, CHD related organisations, support networks, and the CHD community. Each entry is validated by HeartKids before listed. 

Every effort has been made to provide up to date and accurate information; this may not be a full representation of providers, organisations, or support groups available.

Health Care Provider Organisations Support Networks

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HeartKids Helpline

The HeartKids Helpline provides support, guidance, and information for anyone affected by childhood heart disease. Call 1800 432 785, or text us on 0427 895 785.

You may also wish to contact us using the webchat service available on our website!

These methods of contact on the Helpline are all available during business hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday AEDT/AEST).

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